Camian Larson

I am a HOME RENOVATION COACH AND DESIGN CONSULTANT in love with the work that I do. Part teacher, part designer, part contractor, and often part therapist, I am passionate about empowering homeowners to take charge of their home renovation projects with purpose, clarity, and confidence. 

My ability to visualize, coupled with my 20+ years of experience as a contractor, designer, and showroom owner provide valuable insight as I guide homeowners through the often daunting construction process/sequence and help them transform their houses into homes where they love to live.


As a Home Renovation Coach, I hold WORKSHOPS that teach homeowners how to start their own building projects using my tools for navigating the complicated design/build processes and strategies for collaborating with professionals who prioritize their customer's best interests. Attendees leave feeling empowered and ready to start the process with confidence.

As a Design Consultant, I work with homeowners ONE-ON-ONE, helping them design spaces, optimize floor-plans, clarify the scope of work, plan for both short-term and long-term goals, decide on materials, hire professionals, and get the project built while using me as their personal construction liaison. Throughout the process we stay mindful of their individual budgets, lifestyles, and objectives.

My goal is for you to FEEL HEARD THROUGH THE PROCESS AND DELIGHTED WITH THE COMPLETED PROJECT. I strive to provide the information you need to make the right decisions for YOU and give the support needed to achieve success. My personal style is unique, but each individual project is inspired by the home, environment, owners, and nature itself. Discover how we can make the most out of your home together.