Do any of these keep you up at night?

  • Where do I start with my home remodeling project? What do I do first?

  • Where should I invest in my remodel and where can I save money without hurting my functionality or resale value?

  • What kind of pre-work and planning can I do before hiring help?

  • How do I figure out what style I like and what works for my home?

  • What materials should I choose to fit my budget, aesthetic, and lifestyle?

  • What parts of this project can I DIY and what parts should be left to the pros?

  • I don't want to do this alone! Who can help me?

....Don't worry, I can help!

Camian Larson

I help homeowners go from overwhelmed to empowered with their design and renovation projects by providing guidance and strategies to turn their homes into spaces where they love to live.

Camian Larson, Renovation Coach & Design Consultant